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If a question is marked as needing improvement, it won`t appear to people on Quora until it`s changed to be clearer. Anyone on Quora can freely edit the question to improve it, and editing the question will make it fully visible again. Asking your question in a well-formatted and easy-to-understand way will make it easier for people to answer your question. We`ve improved the spam filter for submissions and added the ability to see which ones are filtered. You can switch between filtered spam submissions (default view), all of which are and suspected spam submissions. Spaces is a new feature that allows people to organize collections and form communities around common interests and tastes. Spaces can be used in different ways, and we start with a variety of creators reflecting the range of possibilities. Example: For more information, see How do I change or reset my password on Quora? Your Quora profile displays the information you submitted to Quora about yourself (para. B your name, profile picture and topics you know), as well as your public activities on Quora. In addition to the content you`ve posted on Quora, this includes things like the answers you`ve chosen and the topics, people, or questions you`ve followed. If you believe that your question has been wrongly deleted, please contact us via our contact form.

From which countries can I participate in the Quora Partner Program? This information is intended for Provincial Nominee Program (NPL) applicants who apply through Express Entry. In Part A – General Information, a new column appears entitled “Are you required to file a tax return subject to subsection 139(1), but are you not required to file an income tax return?” for the 2020-21 assessment year (fiscal year 2019-2020). On the next page, select Freelancer Payments from the For Business drop-down menu in the Are clear and easy to read heading. The right answers are very clear to read and understand, even for someone who reads quickly or scrolls the page. It`s helpful to include simple formatting that adds structure and highlights important information. Of course, a good answer must have correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Any images or videos in an answer should help clarify your points. The right answers are usually also pleasant to read. They are engaging and challenging, and can include empathy and humor. A good answer avoids inner jokes or sarcasm.

Follow Quora`s Be Nice, Be Respectful (“BNBR”) policy, which includes: Removing Questions from Quora Moderators. Questions that are simply poorly worded or unclear should be improved or marked for improvement rather than removed. Joke questions should not be deleted; Instead, they should be labeled with the Joke Questions tag, which limits their distribution to users interested in that content. There is a presumption that the questions will be changed instead of deleting them if that makes sense and is feasible. Issues on which a significant part of the activities have taken place should not be removed if there is no consensus among the moderators. Names in languages of the non-Latin alphabet: Characters and letters that are not part of the Latin alphabet are allowed in usernames in parentheses if a name in the Latin alphabet precedes the parenthesis. Example: Mikhail Gorbachev (), Hu Jintao (). The only exception is for Quora in Japanese, where the non-Latin character can appear in the following format: (Shinz Abe). If you have any further questions about deleting your account or would like your account to be deleted before the expiry of the 14-day deactivation period, please let us know by contacting us via our contact form. Follow the remaining steps, i.e.

Questions about contact information should be sincere attempts to obtain reusable information Meme images, text images as an image, and humorous images that perform one or more of the following actions are not allowed: For more information on how Quora uses your personal information, please see our Privacy Policy. Some people are not admitted to Canada, which means they are not allowed to enter the country. They may be inadmissible for a variety of reasons, including participation in: No. Quora does not sell your personal information, such as your name and contact information, to third parties for their own marketing purposes. In cases where we share information with advertisers and other partners, it is aggregated to protect your privacy. You participate in one or more actions that violate the “Be kind, be respectful” policy. These actions may refer to questions, answers, or comments. Answer questions about topics that interest you and/or on which you have expertise and knowledge. This allows Quora to learn which questions to include in the feed.

On your profile page, hover over your name at the top of the page, which will display a gray “Edit” to the right of your name. Click Edit to open a dialog box to change your name. After you change your name, click Update. SBI Pension Fund, LIC Pension Fund and UTI Retirement Solutions are the only fund managers that manage government employees` pension contributions under the NPS. Once the 14-day grace period has expired and your account has been deleted, your content and profile will be permanently deleted and the personal data associated with your account will be deleted from quoras databases. As described in our Privacy Policy (www.quora.com/about/privacy), we may retain your information as necessary to comply with legal obligations (subpoenas, legal proceedings or other obligations ordered by a court). Keep in mind that your content may have been republished or shared by others outside of the Quora Platform. Deleting accounts on the Quora platform does not remove links or data hosted by others. However, in accordance with the Quoras Terms of Service, users who repost content from the Quora Platform are required to remove content that has been removed from the Quora Platform upon request. But with the aforementioned change, people who make certain high-value transactions now have to submit their income return, even if their total income exceeds the maximum amount that is not taxable.

Please note that the amendment only applies to a person referred to in section 139(1)(b) of the Information Technology Act, which includes an undivided Hindu individual or family or an association of persons or a group of persons, whether registered or not, or an artificial legal entity. This is an official Quora policy that reflects the conventions agreed upon by the community, the only reason administrators change or suspend accounts is to make Quora a great resource and support the mission of the site. Administrators don`t like to block or block people and are committed to being reasonable, thoughtful and consistent in their decisions. A Quora account is not a right. Quora has a number of administrators, but their time is very short and they don`t have time to deal with people who don`t help the site. If someone doesn`t help the site as a whole, administrators can lock them or lock them. Changing locks and locks can be temporary; When a person is banned or blocked, they can come back when they cool down and decide to make an honest effort, be helpful, and make the site a great resource. Editing blocks usually last until the person responds via PM and unlocks their case.

Some reasons why admins can edit or block someone: Sex-related imagesSexual, sexual, and sexually provocative images are only allowed on pages that cover adult topics and that have been tagged with the appropriate Quora Adult topics (i.e., specific types of adult content, gender, and/or other topics) that limit distribution. Since user profile pictures and theme images appear throughout the site, genre-related image content is not allowed in profile pictures or theme images. Images and videos of extreme graphic violence (or links to such images/videos) are only allowed in responses if (1) they are clearly useful and necessary for the response and (2) they clearly do not glorify violence. For questions that specifically require images of graphic violence, the “Adult Content” tag should be applied to Quoratopic. The primary intent of a question should be to obtain information, not to argue a point or make a statement. Step 3: Select the date range that applies to your tax reporting needs If we have invalidated your password, you will be asked to reset your password the next time you try to log in to Quora with a password. If you are not prompted to do so, you can change your password by visiting your account settings in www.quora.com/settings. Click “Change Password” and enter your current password in the pop-up message. You can then enter your new password and click on “Change Password” to save it for the next login. We recently learned that some user data has been compromised due to unauthorized access to our systems by a malicious third party.